Outer Veil Studios



Players interact with each other in a dynamic, player-shaped universe, which consists of a series of locations spread across various planets. The actions of each player impact the world around them, and those in positions of power may also affect gameplay by setting faction agendas, creating long-term political, economic, and military goals, starting wars, and engaging in trade. The Outer Veil Universe is an open world, player-vs-player environment, where no location within the world is completely safe. Players will need to be on their toes constantly, in order to avoid attacks by rival faction members, petty thieves, or common thugs. Players will have to rely on the government, their own faction, and their own senses to keep them safe. Remember... danger lurks in isolated areas.



Bastet (HZ 344) - A desert world prone to sandstorms and intense heat, features an abundance of precious metals and is home to a large mining and smelting operation. Players will need to consume more water when exploring the region on foot.

Orithyia (HZ 122) - A planet made up of snow and ice, suffers from blizzards and extreme cold, will need to consume more calories and also wear warm clothing when exploring the region.

Tangiern - A red baron planet that features numerous subterranean springs. Home to numerous hydroponics facilities and bio-farming laboratories that provide food, fertiliser and other agricultural materials to the numerous UCC settlements.

Taranus (HZ 426) - A cold planet of rock and harsh winds. it is described by company workers as the 'baron rock' and is one of the most hated of all postings. It does however serve as a medium sized mining and biological research outpost.

Suijin - A world which surface consists of 98% water, the colony is based on a large artificial rig structure, with much of the drilling facility located on the seabed. Suijin has an abundance of crude oil and raw chemicals making it one of the more profitable colonies within UCC space.

Honos - A harsh planet home to a large joint correctional, mining and smelting facility. Situated largely underground due to the inhospitable surface conditions above. The planet itself is rich in numerous resources and favoured amongst the competing corporations.

Nyx Border Station - Unique in terms of game play, Nyx Station is not based on any planetoid and has no resources or production capacity to speak of. It is a deep-space transport and administrative hub for vessels making their way onto the outer-veil colonies, enabling a strategic choke-point ingame for corporate factions. The UCC maintain a strong presence on the station using it as it's primary colonial base of operations, the FSA and CDF operate from the station deploying to outer-veil colonies when required.

Ankara - A wind-swept, grey plateau planet. Rich in resources the mining facility itself built into a large asteroid crater. The Colony mines heavy metals and ships the raw resources off-world for smelting. The industrial complex is very 'practical' in nature, exposed piping and electrical conduits litter the facility.

Gideon (HZ 679) - the farthest reaching of mankind's colonies, comprised of basic settlement structures, this colony is UCC's latest deep-space investment and is still being developed. Vast underground caverns have been located, it's maze of tunnels stretch for hundreds of miles beneath the surface.



Player-driven economy

Players will make money in many different ways, be it by mining, producing, and transporting. Or.. accepting contracts to kill.. and many more ways.



For every action in game there will be consequence, no matter how small that action may be, from the simple transportation of goods, the shooting of a corporate official to the theft of information from secure networks, every action a player takes will provoke a reaction from another player. Crime is simply a reaction to a legitimate player trying to go about their business, just as crime in reality is the same. Players who indulge in crime however can be held accountable for their actions, provoking a police and private security response who will investigate crimes that have been reported. For every successful heist that takes place a crime scene will be generated, clues will be left behind, the higher a criminals skill in scrubbing a crime scene the less chance an investigator has of finding the culprit by linking the clues together. Once a culprit has been identified a player controlled 'Magistrate' can determine a persons guilt based on the evidence presented and issue an appropriate sentence and arrest warrant, if a culprit is caught at the scene of a crime a lower-tier sentence can be automatically imposed if no player magistrate intervenes within a five minute period.



Crafting in-game will be economically vital - basic blueprints and patents will be available to all corporate factions however certain patents will only unlock to a corporation if they own the appropriate facilities required for such a patent. Unique patents will be numerous and varied, ranging from food types to medicines and even weapons and ammunition - these patents however can be stolen by other corporations and produced in their place. Industrial espionage will play a crucial role in OuterVeil forcing corporations to invest in adequate security and protection of their facilities.